Creating a website with Blackstone Films couldn’t be more convenient. The process:

1. Gathering Information

To begin, we speak to you directly and gather information about your organization. We take the time to understand your vision, both for your organization and for your new website. This helps us to best decide what kind of site you need.

Need a new logo? We can create that for you, too.

2. Domain Name, Maintenance and Hosting

Secondly, we work out the details of how you will obtain a website address (, how your website will be maintained, and where it will be hosted.* We offer all of these services. Prices

*Hosting is the service that a organization provides when it stores your website (“hosts” it) somewhere so that others can view it. Every website is hosted: without hosting, your website will not be accessible to the public.

3. Proposal

Based on the information we gather about your organization and about your current website situation, we put together a proposal which contains up to 3 different solutions for meeting your website needs. These include prices and time of completion estimates. You can select the solution that best fits your organization, or you can request a revised proposal.

4. Theme Design

Once a solution has been agreed upon and a contract signed, we move on to theme design. In this step, you decide what kind of colors and layout you want for your new site. Using your color and layout instructions, we design and create a PNG Mockup of the site. This gives you an excellent idea of the scheme of your new website, but is not interactive and does not include actual content.

5. Preview Site

Once you have approved the theme, we turn that theme into a fully-functional preview site. The preview does not containt content, but does contain interactive placeholder images and text.

6. Website Construction

Once the preview site is in place, you provide us with any information that you want on the website. We begin filling in the content, providing you with regular updates.

For your convenience, we maintain a live preview on the web where you can see the latest changes to your new site.

7. Website Completion

Once the website content has been filled in, you may ask for any final revisions.
When the revisions are finalized, the site is launched. At that point, we can either turn the code over to you, or maintain the website for a monthly fee.

Previously Completed Sites